Swift Paws:Generated over $130k within 30 days

The Brand

SwiftPaws® is a health & wellness lifestyle brand for pets. They believe pets deserve to live their very best lives & make beautifully playful products that help them do just that! 

They are a team of passionate pet-people from across the USA with headquarters on the east coast of Central Florida.

Their flagship product, SwiftPaws Home allows users to create the best game of chase ever in their very own backyard. 

Pet owners, industry professionals, and most importantly the animals themselves LOVE SwiftPaws.


The Challenge

With the product not yet being available and launching on Indiegogo meant that in terms of creative and content the new product was very low. 

The Results

Through the use of Facebook ads Swift Paws was able to …

  • Built audience of 2,500+ leads for pre launch
  • Generated $25k within 2 days of Indigogo launch
  • Increased eCom store revenue
  • In total raised over $130,000


Recent Case Studies